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This first resource is a really cool one that students can use and create and online virtual tour. Copy and pasted from the website with Mapwing you can: Build, share, and explore virtual tours, turn your photos into virtual tours that include interactive maps, images, and comments, share your virtual tours with friends, clients, or the entire world, browse a global gallery of virtual tours, connect with a growing network of people.

This website students can visit a location near them and take numerous pictures of the location, they can add descriptions and connect how it relates to the course curriculum. This is a cool resource as online students can interact and see what there is related to a subject in other parts of the state, country and world, depending on where their classmates are. Students are teaching others about the subject!

Date: 7-20-11 Disciplinary Content: All Subjects Grade: 7-12 Key Words: tours, fieldtrips

A second resource is a clicking and cloning of a mouse "Mimi". Students click through the cloning process. I can use this in the biotechnology course that I teach to teach students hands on how to clone and the concepts behind cloning. This adds a hands on component to online learning.

Date: 7-20-11 Disciplinary Content: Agriculture, Science Grade: 9-12 Key Words: cloning, biotechnology, science, agriculture