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Content posted by registered participants on OnlineTeachingAssociates.org's sites is available for educational use under terms defined by the Educational Community License, Versions 2.0.

All users are responsible for abiding by Federal, State and local laws applicable to their use of Online Teaching Associates's resources. This includes but is not limited to those dealing with copyright, trademark, patent, privacy, and intellectual property.

All users are responsible for observing secure computing practices and protecting the integrity of data and OTA's systems.

All users are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate and ethical manner in all communications and interactions conducted using OTA's systems.

All users are prohibited from using OTA's. systems to transmit:

(1) Threatening, or harassing materials; (2) Obscene or pornographic materials or; (3) Any otherwise proprietary or confidential information to any individual or group not authorized to view such information. (4) Violations of Acceptable Use: Violations of OTA's Acceptable Use Policy identified by any member of the subscriber community should be reported to OTA's system operators immediately.

Any user accused of a violation will be notified of the charge and have an opportunity to respond before a final determination of consequences.

If OTA's system managers determine the reported violation to be accurate and warrant sanctions, the offending community member will be deleted as a community member and prohibited from using OTA's public .ORG resources.