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1. Author of the Entry: Nick Guido

2. Entry Date: September 19, 2012

3. My definition of Curriculum: To this point my definition of curriculum is the combination of skill sets and content knowledge prescribed for students to learn, use, and apply in the world around them.

4. Aspects that have influenced the development of the definition: The things that have really shaped this idea come from my first few years of teaching. My district mentor make sure to observe first year teachers and set up a time to reflect and discuss the lessons. As we broke apart my lessons, I was looking withan analytical eye about how my classroom was running, and what I was actually asking students to do. From these conversations, we would often times veer our time to talk about the function of the classroom and what goes into everyday assignments and the function of the school system. I have come to find that to create the learning environment and get after a balance between standards, content, skills and tests, I have to take control within my room to teach in my style. My style must internalize, and respond to, the outside factors.

5. Internet example of your definition and a brief description: The is a blog post by Illinois Teacher of the Year 2011, Josh Stumpenhorst. He writes about a talk Sir Ken Robinson gave on student creativity. Robinson asserted that teachers have more freedom than we excersie and Stumpenhorst identifies these restrictions (Standards, Tests, Initiatives, etc.) as boxes we can build with, or obstruct our vision.

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8. Resource publication date: July 1, 2012