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1. Author of the entry: Caroline Krueger

2. Entry date: 10/8/12

3. State what the curricular initiative is: Literacy Liaisons is a program within our district in which certain teachers who volunteer work with a literacy coach on bringing literacy strategies into your classroom. Discussions and strategies are tailored to your specific needs within your curriculum.

4. Length of time this initiative has been used (or a time-line for initiatives not fully deployed): The program has been in place at our school for six years. Once you begin as a literacy liaison, coaches encourage you to do two years and you can continue for as long as you like.

5. Describe the preparation you received to use the curricular initiative: As a literacy liaison, you meet with your coach weekly for the first year, and then can choose to go bi-weekly for the following years. With your coach, goals are set and plans are developed as you meet with your coach. There are full group (all literacy liaisons) meetings that take place every quarter.

6. Describe the adequacy of this preparation and whether you have augmented it by any self-study: The literacy liaison program is different from the typical curriculum initiative because it is led by you and your coach. It is commonly found that literacy coaches who use a strategy that was developed with their literacy coach is more beneficial to students then not using one.

7. Internet resource for this initiative. Briefly describe the internet resource: Cris Tovani is the author of the book, Do I Really Have to Teach Reading, is used as the literature book for first year literacy liaisons. This books explores the necessity of reading instruction in all subject areas. This internet resource provides links to Tovani’s work and provides links to resources.

8. Web address for resource:

9. Grade Level (if applicable): any